Wait. Didn't this movie come out already? No, you're thinking of "Olympus Has Fallen". This is "White House Down". Want to know what the difference is? The difference is that your wife or girlfriend will WANT to see this one since it starts Channing Tatum and Jamie Fox. Other than that, it looks like it has a little bit more humor in it, that and it looks very much like an entry in the "Die Hard" series. More after the jump.


Why not just reboot the "Die Hard" series with "Die Hard At The White House".  Seriously, Bruce Willis doesn't appear to enjoy making movies much any more and Channing Tatum can obviously pull off the "John McClane" character. Just muss his hair up a bit and give his character a drinking problem that he's working on and he's good to go.  Jamie Fox almost seems to be playing the part of the Samuel Jackson "reluctant hero" that Jackson played in "Die Hard With A Vengeance".  Well apparently there's rights problems or something with going along with that plan, so you get "White House Down".  Check it out: