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You Know These Guys

These guys have "played the dawg" out of Texas. They've been tearing it up for twenty years and seem to only be getting bigger. I know I've personally seen them at least twice and they are phenomenal.

Where They're From

The guys make their home mostly around the Metroplex, so they've always been Texas-adjacent and willing to pop in to play anything from clubs to festivals. They had a great relationship with some of the Dallas area radio stations and d.js. in the past so they're always a part of any conversation when a spot on a hard rockin' show comes up.

Why They're Famous

These guys NAIL AC/DC, but it goes much further than that. They switch between the two AC/DC eras (Bon Scott/Brian Johnson) so they can provide a full overview of AC/DC's career. They are so good at it, their singer auditioned and played with AC/DC before that dastardly Axl Rose jumped in and took the gig.

Ralph Arvesen
Ralph Arvesen/Facebook

Here's The Documentary

All of the band's history comes together in a documentary called "My Stupid Tribute Band". I have to say that I was completely and totally sucked into the film. On the surface, it's the story of an AC/DC tribute band, but it's really about the ups and downs of any band, with an (almost) fairy-tale ending. The documentary is age-restricted, but it is available to watch for free now. If you've ever been in a band, seen these guys, or just love a good "what happens next" kind of story, I 100% recommend you check this out.

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