This is going to be fun.

I have a selection of backstage passes and an odd piece of memorabilia or two for you to check out. I'm sure you'll feel all warm and fuzzy nostalgic and say "I was there too!" to more than a few of these shows. Okay, are we all set? Well, not quite.

I want to end this gallery with a mystery. The final two images are of the front and back of an FMX Voodoo Lounge Pass. FMX Voodoo Lounge Passes were kept very vague because we didn't want anyone to confuse them with actual backstage passes. On the pass the date says 8/10. On the back are autographs. So what show was that? The signatures look familiar to me, but I can't quite put my finger on who they belong to. Can you help? If so, email me here. I'll hook you up with an FMX Tee if you can job my memory.

Backstage Passes & Memorabilia From Lubbock Shows

Okay, one more time. If you recognize that 8/10 pass and/or the signatures on the back, email me here.


Concert Tix

Here is the first batch of FMX concert tickets that we'll be publishing.

Concert Tix II

A second gallery of concert ticket stubs

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