If you didn’t have enough candy last weekend, then you're in luck, because today is National Candy Day.

The pandemic already has me squeezing into my old pants, and lately, I’ve been trying to avoid sweets altogether. But after the last 24 hours, I think we could all do with a little extra sweetness in our lives. Which brings me the most superior candy of them all: Cherry Sours.

These little sour, cherry-flavored, chewy guys are hands down my absolute favorite.  You can only imagine my excitement when I learned today that they were actually invented in Texas by Judson-Atkinson Candies all the way back in 1899.

Judson-Atkinson went on to create the “more tart jelly bean” in the 1930s, which was a new sour version of the jelly bean made famous by Boston confectioner William Shrafft.  Original jelly beans were actually sent to soldiers during the Civil War to deliver a sugary sweet boost of happiness to our troops.

Judson-Atkinson's sours come in various fruit flavors, such as lemon, orange, and grape, but the cherry flavor beats out all of the other competitors. Something about that sour imitation cherry taste really hits the spot and takes me to another world. I thought about looking up the ingredients, but I was worried we might find actually crack in them. It would all make sense then.

I could eat them in a box, I could eat them with a fox—you get the gist. If you’ve never tried them, I challenge you to go out and buy a bag. Oh, and if you like sour ales, Revelation Ale has a Cherry Sour ale that tastes just like candy and gives you a buzz. Win-win.

Happy National Candy Day. Let’s all eat our feelings!

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