I don't even know if the term "thin ice" is good enough.

There's a big change in the mood of the Texas Tech fans on my Facebook feed and on the message boards around town. It seems really different this time, too.

I feel like last year at this time, fans were mad that Texas Tech wasn't getting it done. This time around, it seems like fans are tired of asking Texas Tech to get it done. It's less of a 'we can do better,' and more of a, 'I'm just disgusted with all of it.'

Saturday's gameplay against Kansas State was not that of "fearless champions." It was tired, listless and really not the work of a team in any sense. I kind of feel like some of it could be traced back to injuries at quarterback, but that player wasn't even projected to start at the beginning of the season, so that's not a real good excuse.

It very much comes down to whether the team is ready to play no matter who is on the field, and they were clearly not. In other words, poor execution is a management (i.e. coaching) problem.

I was very surprised that Texas Tech sold out the Texas game. If there was one thing that saved the coaches rear this year, it's going to be ticket and merch sales. Maybe you've noticed the parallel with the Dallas Cowboys; as long as you're buying what they're selling, there's not much reason to make a change.

Maybe I'm wrong and Lubbock will support the Red & Black no matter what, but it's really starting to feel like this coach is out of chances.

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