This is a bit of a surprise. Coke fans have two new flavors to check out.

We were all over the launch of the last introduction of new canned coke flavors (Feisty Cherry, Ginger-Lime, Zesty Blood Orange and Twisted Mango). We were aware of them well before they hit shelves and we were pumped to try them (love the Ginger-Lime and Feisty Cherry the most).  So seeing these new products with little introduction was a bit of a surprise

Walmart is already stocking these products, that's how I ran across them. I did a little research here and apparently what Coca-Cola is going for is some sore of old-school-soda-shop type vibe. These flavors are in glass bottles with the printing right on the bottle, just like the old days. These new sodas were introduced in late February, but are now picking up some nice retail space at your neighborhood stores.

One of the reasons that they were such a surprise is, that Coke even went with old-school marketing, opting to have murals and stuff painted in the two represented states. I guess word of mouth is/was supposed to leak out from there....and  it just did.

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