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"Constitutional Carry" that is, permitless carry, goes into effect September 1st. I have some concerns but hear me out first.

I had really intense gun-related PTSD for years and years. I had been shot at and terrorized by a gun-happy boyfriend and seeing and especially hearing a gun gave me the "helicopters" if you know what I mean.

I only share this personal fun fact because I was able to mostly overcome it- because I got professional training with a firearm. Which, in spite of the fact that adults no longer need it to carry their firearm, I cannot suggest training strongly enough. Responsible gun owners likely agree with me.

Untrained gun owners shoot their junk off way more than you'd think. I wish I was kidding. And it seems like you can't go longer than a week without hearing about a child who got their tiny hands on an unsecured gun and killed themselves or someone in their family. It's grim as hell to think about but it's reality.

Texas police have their reservations as well. Be sure to let any officer know you are carrying immediately during any police encounter:

Ray Hunt, executive director of the Houston Police Officers’ Union, said the bill could potentially have grave consequences for law enforcement officers, noting that it could be harder for them to decipher whether someone carrying a weapon is legally able to do so.

39% of gun owners have no training. That's appalling. Training teaches you to be able to properly execute the function of your tool, so to speak. I don't want people who have no idea how to use a gas-powered auger/ table saw/ power nailers to use one of those without some instruction either. Training teaches proper storage, proper technique, and proper care and maintenance of your gun.

It is your legal right to carry your gun with no training. It's been your right to buy one without training for a long time. But please, get training. There are amazing professionals who ensure your gun ownership is a safe and satisfying experience.

However- firearms are not for everyone. 60% of adult handgun deaths are suicide. If you are suicidal at all ever, you probably shouldn't own a readily accessible gun. It makes a short-term despondency a permanent sorrow for people who love you. Trust me, I know from experience. That is my main fear with constitutional carry. Not crime, not terrorism, just more guns around more people who might make a desperate decision entirely too easily. If you are suicidal call 800-273-8255, they will help you get the resources you need.

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