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Hey, we're all in this together, right? Nope.

The tattoo shop I go to has enclosed cubicles and a strict sterilization policy (and always has). The golf course by my house has people standing close together in groups of four, taking turns driving the same golf cart and presumably not washing their hands for however long it takes to golf 18 holes.

No wonder people in Lubbock can barely make heads or tails of the mayor's recent stay-at-home orders.

Here's something else that's weird: support and recovery groups can continue, but no more than 10 people. Shouldn't it be time to take that online? Yes, I know how important these groups are, but we're all making sacrifices.

So what this seems like is a patchwork of orders that's hard to understand and impossible to enforce. I have my own thoughts on what should be done, but I'll set that aside. I'd just be happy if the mayor and the City made some logical, non-political donor-based decisions on the best way for Lubbock to handle this mess.

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