Wow, just when you thought everybody was hatin' on Texas for one thing, along comes another.

The Texas Observer has called for a boycott of sporting, entertainment and other events over new immigration laws. This is the second boycott of Texas, with the first relating to Texas bathroom bill. That boycott has already lead to threats from the NFL and others about discontinuing or not scheduling future events in the Lone Star State.

I am no stranger to controversy and I will more than speak out when I truly believe in a cause. I have to say in this case, I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment on these laws. What I can say is, maybe, just maybe, Texas is on the wrong side of history if it's facing not one, but two boycotts.

My fellow Texas, there is a big difference between being "right" and just being hard-headed. A lot of people just aren't down with the direction that Texas is headed so we should at least look at that direction a bit closer.  You might say they need to "mind their business", but that's exactly what they are doing, they are "minding their business" and doing it in states other than Texas.


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