I'm going to start with two things and you're probably not going to like the second one.

#1. I don't understand why politicians don't focus on important things.

#2. I can't believe people keep voting for these jokers.

I'm willing to bet that you're with me when I say "fix the roads, get us clean water, keep our country safe, and other basic ideas". Instead, we get lawmakers trying to legislate morality and waste our time with useless nonsense. It's the latter that we'll be dealing with today.

Now let's take it to the second part, and that's the idea of political "think tanks". These "think tanks" often direct lawmakers on issues that may or may not get them votes. I bring this up because if this is a thing in Florida, it could easily be adopted in Texas as well.

The proposed law in Florida would keep dogs from putting their heads out of car windows. Wow. I can't even believe that time and money (not to mention that time is money) are being spent on such a stupid law.

I supposed the reason for this law is so that dogs don't get injured?   I'm sure this may or may not have happened before, but certainly to a degree that we need to make laws about it.

Anyone who's seen a dog put their head out of the window has seen pure joy. Dogs put their heads out of windows to see where they're going and they can't help but get excited about what they're seeing.

We don't need laws that restrict joy, even at the risk of injury. We also don't need drivers trying to wrestle their dogs back into a vehicle while they're driving. This is just more Florida craziness and we don't need it in Texas.

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