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So many businesses have copped out on mask enforcement.

Let me start by saying upfront that I realize that many businesses out there do not have the resources that we applied to safety at Nightmare On 19th Street. With that said, are you really going to let some haunted houses do better than you?

At Nightmare On 19th Street, we required 100 percent mask compliance this year. It was stated multiple times on the website and ticket portal. In-person buyers were verbally warned. Our hosts, gatekeepers, sheriffs, and others constantly reminded people to put on or pull up their masks. I would still say that 98 percent of the people never had to be told past the front gate; we just had to stay hard on that 2 percent.

I guess I should also mention that between the website and the ticket portal, it said multiple times that you had to wear a mask.

Let's dissect that 2 percent.

Some people just let their stuff slip. Some pull it down for a selfie and forget to put it back up. Some just don't want to wear it. In the case of the last one, we warned them and let them know that they would be ejected. I'm happy to say that we only had to eject one group out of the thousands that visited. I am also happy to say that I do not care if they ever come back. As I frequently messaged over the PA system (in a humorous way): "we will kick you out and keep your money."

I'm sure there were probably some jerks who managed to slip their stuff down when they weren't around security. Probability says that some people are bound and determined to be jerks. Let me also say that the actual actors who recognized what they were doing did not give their usual performance or scares, and thus, the cheaters got a diminished experience.

Ultimately, a business has to protect the safety of its employees. They have to worry about an anti-mask person getting out of hand, or someone not wearing a mask infecting an employee. We need more businesses to step up and tell people they must mask up for the sake of their employees. If someone gets aggressive with an employee, call the police.

With the COVID-19 rates as bad as they are in Lubbock, at least try to do as well as some haunted houses.

Note: Some businesses that supply essential goods and services must make "reasonable accommodations" for the disabled. We are not "essential," and if you can't wear a mask, you sure as heck can't walk our 1.25 miles of terrain. We are, however, ready, willing and able to assist those with wheelchairs and always have been. I would also like to recommend that some bigger businesses institute "mask-free/or mask only" shopping hours so we can all feel safe on our trips to the store.

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