This is a CREEPY Lubbock ghost story. All of us at the radio stations (we have six) have been in a bit of denial about this, but recent video shows that SOMETHING is going on.

Some say that a dancing ghost haunts the halls of the radio stations. I've heard different stories about a salesman who died who always wanted to be a DJ, and I've also heard stories about a DJ who died after drinking all night.

This morning I heard noise near our sales cubicles. They aren't really used any more; all our salesmen now have offices. I guess this wide open space leaves room for the ghost to roam, usually unhindered.

I set up my camera, and when I looked back at the footage later, I was freaked out!

I personally think this will go down as one of the strangest ghost encounters ever caught on film in Lubbock, if not Texas. Check it out above.


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