As of tonight, April 17, a deadly explosion in the quiet McClennan County town of West has killed at least five people and injured dozens, if not hundreds, more.

The blast occured earlier this evening at a fertilizer plant and has prompted hospitals in the Waco area to be ready for a possible admittance of over 100 people due to the disaster.

The explosion comes just a day after the 66th anniversiary of the Texas City explosion of ammonium nitrate that killed close to 600 people.

Red Cross teams are already on their way to the scene to help with whatever they can, as a triage has been set up on a nearby football field.

Any other NH3 (Ammonia) tanks are obviously being watched, as the fire from the explosion is continuing to be fought. At one point, authorities had to be halted from getting to the scene due to another possible tank explosion.

The explosion sent a shockwave through the ground that was picked up over 180 miles away on a seismograph in Timpson, Texas.

Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with those folks who have been affected by this tragedy.

Check out the video of the explosion here.

More updates to come...