No matter what you post, no matter how many times you try, Facebook owns everything you put on it, so stop it.


It's Back

I can't even believe that perhaps one of the oldest memes on Facebook is making the rounds again. I thought seeing it again that it was a one-off, but no, I'm seeing it posted over and over again.  At this point, I don't even understand why every single person on the face of the earth hasn't realized that every word is wasted garbage and that nothing will come of your attempts to repost it.

Facebook Owns Your Stuff

When you signed up for Facebook you gave them the right to do anything they want with your content, they can even modify it to their liking. You can go crazy and delete everything that you don't want to appear or be reused but there's a problem, you can't even completely delete things if they've been shared. Let's bottom line this again, if you post something, chances are it's there forever and Facebook owns it.

There's Nothing That Can Be Done About It

It's a bit odd that anyone believed even for one second that they could try to take back rights that they signed away. You are getting a free service and that service is getting the rights to your content.  No amount of posting anything, not even a written note from your mom or lawyer will change the rights you signed away. I hate that some people keep falling for this, and I hate it even more that they think they're so important that Facebook is specifically going to target them (even though they may).

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