The weather is warming up and Texans are busting out their lawnmowers and planting summer gardens. If you've got a green thumb and get a kick out of gardening, you might be surprised to learn that mulch can spontaneously combust.

Before you completely freak out and throw all of your mulch away, take a second to learn exactly how it happens and how you can prevent it.

TikTok creator @revivedbyvashti shared the heartbreaking story of losing her nephew to a fire that started in a pile of mulch and spread to a nearby gas grill, which caused the propane tank to explode, catching the house on fire. She explains that mulch is colored with a staining agent similar to what you'd use on furniture. As the staining agent oxidizes, it can get trapped in oxygen, and if the weather conditions are just right, the mulch can combust. She also warns viewers never to leave staining rags in a pile where oxygen can get trapped inside them and potentially start a fire.

There are hundreds of comments on this video, one of which is from a woman who admits her propane tank is sitting right on top of a pile of mulch next to her house.

I can't begin to imagine the trauma this family has been through. They are truly saving lives by spreading awareness.

Have you ever experienced a random fire in a pile of mulch in your yard? I'd like to hear from you. Leave me a comment below this article wherever you see it, or email me at if you'd like to share your story.

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