What a letdown!

Sorry for the all-too-clever headline, but dang it gets tiring telling me the sky is blue every year only to have them say "nuh-uh".

I guess I have to join the part and say Fentanyl is bad, okay? What we're actually here to talk about is the scare-tactics thrown out there each Halloween, especially during election years. Just as a comparison 3500 kids swallow batteries each year, while there are almost no documented cases of a kid getting drugs in their Halloween bags, but the batteries aren't frightening enough to generate headlines

It's simple, no one is going to give your kids drugs, at least intentionally. I can tell you from my personal party days (oh, you didn't party back in the day?) that things like "rainbow" fentanyl are just a branding thing. It's just a way to tell batch to batch, and then it gets copied, and so on.

Those of you who did have "party days" also recognize this. Do you remember Mickey Mouse or Spongebob blotter acid? What about L.S.D. in general that was brightly colored or had other cartoons on it?  Did you ever pick up a packet or baggie of drugs that had a "cool" logo on them?

If the kids were getting drugs in the trick-or-treat bags we would have bodies lined up in the streets and/or stories of heroic parents who found drugs and barely saved their kid's lives. We would probably have cops and possibly vigilantes banging on every door looking for the source.

The truth is, none of that happened. It's all bullshit meant to boost political careers and get you to read the horrifying headlines written by clueless websites and news organizations. I'm going to say it again, "drugs are bad, okay", but putting out nonsense propaganda helps camouflage the real threats.

One more thing, you're kid has a better chance of choking than receiving drugs. After you finish looking through their candy, keep an eye on them while they enjoy it.

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We've got to protect the children.

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