I absolutely adore skiing and snowboarding. I used to go every single year with my family when I was a kid, and at one point, my life's mission was to become a snowboarding instructor. Clearly, that didn't happen. I chose the much less exciting life of a radio personality and writer. I don't think my knees would appreciate it much if I suddenly changed my mind...but you never know...

Lubbock isn't too far away from a few great places to ski. I've been planning a trip to hit the slopes with my friends, and I thought I might try to inspire you to skip town for the weekend for a good time.

Here are some of the best places that are just a day trip away from Lubbock:

Ditch Lubbock And Go Skiing and Snowboarding At One Of These Nearby Destinations

These great slopes aren't too far from Lubbock!

Now, you know what to do! Hit the slopes and have a great time before winter is over and you're wishing you had!

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