Leave it to people to try to take advantage of a situation.

By now you've probably seen a meme to the effect of "We can live without celebrities, not farmers" (you can also trade out the occupation of farmers with stockers, police, whatever you like).  To me, this just seems petty and childish. Is it true, hells yes, but you're never going to bring yourself up by bringing someone else down.

Your worth is determined by the market. If you perform a service that benefits hundreds or thousands of people, then hopefully you make a decent buck. So what about those people who perform a service that benefits millions or hundreds of millions of dollars? Don't they too deserve a proportionate amount of income?

I don't buy sports tickets or memorabilia. I rarely go to the movies or spend money on pay-per-view. I am not a huge part of the problem. If you want average Americans to take home a bigger piece of the pie, then quit bitching about the price of stuff at the supermarket then handing over money for a hundred dollar jersey.  It also wouldn't hurt if you voted FOR pay raises for teachers and police. Ultimately you decide how other people get paid so put your money, instead of your meme, where your mouth is.

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