There is a little thing people do that just drives me crazy. Sometimes, it just isn't about you.

Would it be possible, just for a moment, to let your ego go, not worry about what others think, and let people have their little moments in the sun? I'm talking about people trying to put a spotlight back on themselves.  I'm going to spell this out in a way everyone can understand and relate to, we're going full on wrestling here.

WWE "John Cena laughs at your need lack of approval"
WWE                                                                            "John Cena laughs at your need lack of approval"

So let's say John Cena. just did something amazing. Maybe he did a Make A Wish (he does TONS of them).  You'll inevitably hear someone say, "ordinarily I hate John Cena, but that was pretty cool".  Okay, There. You. Go.  Now, let's rip that apart.   We've established that John Cena did something that was "pretty cool", but what the hell do you have to with it? Why is it so important that you establish that you "hate" him?  Are you afraid that some part of him that you find less than desirable will rub off on you?

I do understand that if you just comment "that was pretty cool" and someone comments, "Ewww, you like John Cena", you do have a right to say, "I'm not a big fan of his ring work, but he did something nice", but when you come out of the box with an "I'm not" then you just look like you're glomming onto someone else's success.

Let people have their little moments and maybe someday you'll get to have yours.

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