After a 6-6 season Texas Tech became bowl eligible and they will now face the University Of California in The Independence Bowl.

Let's just say that the haters are out online. I've heard Tech's bowl appearance referred to as everything from "The Toilet Bowl" to "The Participation Trophy Bowl".  It also seems that genuine excitement is hard to find. I suppose all of these things could just be the social media bubble that I'm locked into. I have to say, all of this is quite unfair to the players who gutted it out through some tough times and tough games.

Getty Images / Brian Bahr
Getty Images / Brian Bahr

At the end of the day, it does matter that Texas Tech made it to a bowl game. It's simple, any television and radio exposure beyond the regular season is great for the school. Any chance for a kid to look at the uniforms and say, "Cool" is a possible recruit someday. It's also a message to the same people from Lubbock, all things are possible.

Now let's look at other factors. reported that the payout for last year's Independence Bowl was 2.2 Million dollars and change. Let's also not forget a team's licensing spikes a little, and it's a great hook to tell donors that "We need your cash to get to the next level".

Texas Tech Football
Paul Roberts,

Then there are the players who want to play with their team one more time. Sometimes that extra game is just about being with your teammates one last time. For some players is one final game after a lifetime of football. For some players it is one more chance to show scouts what you can do.

For the fans, a bowl game is a bit of a justification for all the time, money, and passion you've put into supporting the team. Somewhere in the mix of all of this is a chance for everybody to make their hometown proud.

Texas Tech Football - crowd vs FIU September 18, 2021
Justin Massoud,

So the answer is an unqualified "Yes", this or any bowl appearance has a lot of meaning on a lot of levels. Here's wishing the Red Raiders well in their December 16th matchup against Cal in the Independence Bowl.

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