Now I know, that I can't make you stay...

...but I can tell you that The Emo Night Tour "the world's best emo party" is returning to Lubbock!

Featuring favorites like my obvious favorite, My Chemical Romance, and others like blink-182, All Time Low, Dashboard Confessional, The Maine, and Good Charlotte, The Emo Night Tour is a curated party celebrating the Scene.

Another fun aspect of The Emo Night Tour is that they take great crowd photos and post them for everyone to enjoy. The photo above is from the last time they were in Lubbock! Recognize yourself?

Sing along, dance along, and enjoy the party with your fellow scene kids. There may even be fun surprises like confetti or balloons.

Emo Night Tour returns Saturday, May 25th at Jake's Backroom. Tickets are available through Stubwire and are only $17 in advance; however, tickets will increase in price the week of the event to $21 and will be $25 at the door.

Additionally, these events have sold out in Lubbock before, so it's better to buy your tickets early and avoid disappointment.

Personally, I love the variety of entertainment that Lubbock has seen in 2024. From events like The Emo Night Tour to The Flaming Lips and many more shows at a variety of indoor and outdoor venues.

The reason we've been getting so many great events? YOU made them happen. By attending events and getting your tickets in advance, you are proving that Lubbock is a good risk for promoters to bring in parties, bands, etc. Thank you for that!

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