Texas lawyer, Jesse Hernandez, uses his TikTok platform to give legal advice as well as teach followers how to properly deal with law enforcement. He shared a really important video that covers the four major trick questions that police use when they pull you over, and how you should answer them to avoid getting in trouble.

Hernandez explains that the way you answer these four trick questions can really make a huge difference:

1. Do you know how fast you were going?

2. Can we search your car?

3. Where are you coming from?

4. Do you know why I pulled you over?

Watch the video below to learn to properly answer the questions without incriminating yourself:

I know that I've been asked all of these questions by police in the past. I think if you are feeling intimidated or nervous, it can really affect how you answer them and the outcome of your encounter.

When you are confronted by the police, it's really important that you remember to relax, be courteous, and most importantly, know your rights. I've seen both criminals AND police overreact and escalate situations from time to time that really didn't warrant it. I think basic respect and kindness can really go a long way when you get pulled over, but don't ever agree to anything you don't feel comfortable with.

Pass this information on to your friends, family, and new drivers who may not know how to respond to these types of questions.

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