Arriving late to this concert is just not an option.

Here's the reality of this show, your favorite band could go on at any time. This tour features a rotating series of headliners.  You might even think you've figured out the pattern only to find out that things have changed. Your favorite band might even have Tweeted out a time and things could change at the last minute. We have been given a schedule for today's show, but please keep in mind that things could change:

Doors: 5:30

Atreyu 6:30-7:00

Ice Nine Kills: 7:30-8:20

Black Veil Brides: 8:50-9:40

Motionless In White: 10:10-11:00

Other than that, I must say it's a beautiful day/night for a concert. When the gates open it should be around 71 degrees and when the last encore is played, it should be around 58 degrees.

The Lone Star Events Center has been spiffed up a bit and the entry process should be quite a bit quicker. Please remember to do your part by leaving behind those things that shouldn't be inside a concert. The Lone Star Events Center is also enforcing a clear bags-only policy to speed the process up and keep everyone safe.

After tonight, it's a short wait for Collective Soul/The Toadies/Bowling For Soup, then things dry up a bit in anticipation of the holidays. This has been a heck of a concert season and I hope you've been able to see your favorite band here or somewhere else. We are already hearing of some exciting things for the coming year (just when we were ready to retire the whole "FMX Birthday Bash" thing, along comes a show that would be perfect to keep it alive).

Be safe tonight and rock on!

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