Out of nowhere last week, I got a YouTube notification. I had posted a video saying that radio was the only reliable source for concert info. Of course, someone took exception with that.

For whatever reason, we got a snotty little note saying "I get my concert information from Eventful and the band's website." (Okay, fine, then what are you doing on our website/channel?) That sounds like two steps too many, but good on ya. The problem is, neither place has the latest information.

First off, Eventful is terrible about canceled and leaked shows. Information that is loaded in is rarely followed up on. It happens all the time, but this came out this morning.


This particular show canceled over a month, maybe two months ago. FMX listeners knew this. It was only a "thing" for about three days before the band's management realized the gig would be too tough to make after "Dia De Los Toadies" at Possum Kingdom. If you follow nothing but Eventful, then you're probably still at Jake's waiting for the doors to open for this show.

Next up, the band's websites. Most are very good at keeping up with the information, but if I had a dime for every time we got a comment saying 'it's not on the band's website,' I wouldn't be sitting here writing this now.

We get our information from the people paying the bands. That's a better source than the bands themselves because there's usually a host of agents and venue owners in between them and playing live. Now, I'm sure that the website above gets most of their information from credible sources, but right now the promoters certainly don't think it's important enough to keep the information up to date.

We want to give you the latest show information and protect your time and money as well. Your trust is important to us because we live here and we see you every day on the streets. We stay on top of these things for you. If you want to fudge a little and try to get info elsewhere, that's okay. But remember, it's not always accurate.



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