I am completely down with do-it-yourselfers. I understand some do it to save money, some just like the satisfaction and some straddle both lines. None of these are good reasons to poison the ground.

My sister-in-law brought this to my attention in my alley. There's no way it's anything other than the remnants of someone's oil change. It is 100 percent illegal to do this. It looks like the bottom end fine is around $500, and the have some flexibility to increase that, too.

The City of Lubbock has places where you can drop off motor oil and most oil change places are cool enough to take your waste as well. Smarter people than me can tell you about the environmental impact of doing this, but I have a feeling that's low on the oil-dumpers concerns.

Just keep in mind it's illegal, you could be fined and some places even offer a reward to report people who illegally dump.

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