Here's the big question; what the heck are we voting on?

The answer for Lubbock is roads, roads and more roads. About $99,650,000 worth of road bonds. Although the number seems suspicious (just round up to 100,000,000 you're not fooling anyone), what could be more important than roads?

You may not think is election is important, but if you're like me, you've probably looked at politicians and thought, "just shut up and fix the roads". This is a chance to prove that this type of project should be a priority and not where people pee or who gets to serve our country. This is a protein issue along with education, health, military and others. A huge turnout for an election like this sends a clear message about what is important to you.

You have through next Tuesday to early vote on this issue. Please make voting on this issue a priority whether you're for or against.

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