Times change, but the capacity for people to be jerks never does.

My question is, why do people never notice at the moment that they're being Biff in Back to the Future? Why is it that people can't recognize that what they're doing is bullying behavior that at no time in the future is going to be something to be proud of?

Two friends of mine were among those targeted with eggs this weekend, with one of the firm belief that she was target by the same people who had harassed her at the protest earlier. Regardless of their reasons, eggings are rarely something that people look back at with a sense of pride. It's cowardly hit-and-run behavior.

These redneck agitators need to realize that bullies always receive some payback. Always. They end up strengthening the resolve of the bullied to the point where they snap because they're just not going to take it anymore. And trust me, "tough guys" are never as tough as the people they've toughened up.

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