I am not an expert, I'm just a regular Joe when it comes to landscaping, but I thought I'd pass this along.

I became increasingly frustrated with the gas lawnmowers at my place of business. They just loved to foul out, not start, or idle at low or weird speeds. At my home, my wife was dealing with similar problems.

My wife likes to cut our grass as a form of exercise (lucky me, right?). My wife also had a medical issue that made me very, very concerned about yanking the cord on a gas lawnmower. It was when I put some thought into it, I said, I'm making the jump even if they are not good.

I purchased a middle-of-the-line Ryobi electric push lawnmower and I could not be more pleased. It's got a battery about the size and the heft of a brick. If you charge it fully, you can mow for a long, long time. Best of all, you push a button that says "Start" and guess what it does? It starts every darn time. It cuts no differently than a regular lawnmower and I've found it so easy to use (the times I've used it) that I have the energy to use and empty the bag of clippings.

I will give you one caveat, even though it's more consistent in its speeds, you can tell it bogs down just a bit in heavy brush, but if you are using it on a regular lawn situation, you will never, ever be happier.

I noticed this year that the entire front section of my local big box home improvement store was dedicated to electric lawnmowers and I thought I'd pass along this information. These things are 100% actual game-changers. You can get into one for about the price of a regular mower at around $350. I have no idea how long they'll continue to perform, but I am happy I made the jump and you will be too. I should also mention that they do have self-propelled lawnmowers too if you want to get a bit spendy.

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