A friend brought up something that rings so true I had to share it.

The truth is, for the most part, you can't really leave Lubbock for the weekend. That is to say that we do not have any tourist destinations that are very close. The fact is, a lot of people come here for the weekend.

I would say that I enjoy trips to the New Mexico casinos and even short visits to Dallas or Austin, but it can be tough to spend one day (or a huge chunk of it) driving, stay a day and a half, and turn around and come back. It just doesn't seem like a three-day weekend is enough to plan an overnight trip.

It's time to accept Lubbock as a tourist "destination" and for people in Lubbock to think of it the same way that say, people in Post think of it. A Labor Day weekend spent shopping is not a bad weekend. Take in some movies, or hit up one of the family gaming centers (don't forget our local favorite, the 50th Street Caboose). It might also be a good time to scout locations around town for various activities if you plan on returning for any of the upcoming Red Raider Football games.

There are a number of restaurants that deserve your attention. Quite too often I only think about going out when hungry, instead of planning on trying a new place, or a new cuisine (I feel like an idiot for not trying Pho until a few years ago).  The Hub City always has delicious new places to try and old favorites that are ready to serve you.

Maybe this upcoming weekend is the perfect time to earn your urban explorer badge by getting out and enjoying the Hub City with some fresh eyes.

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