October is really pushing that two full moons thing.

Your first full moon is a Harvest moon and it will happen tonight (Thursday) and your second will be a "Blue Moon" and it will be on Halloween.

So expect the moon to be as big and bright as the stars at night deep in the heart of Texas.

2020 actually will have 14 full moons in all with that Halloween full moon being our big bonus hunk of green cheese. The other cool thing is, during that Halloween full moon, the clocks will actually fall back giving you another hour of Halloween to enjoy.

Do you feel connected with the Moon in some way? Scientists actually believe the Moon was made when a huge rock smashed into the earth and then pinged back into space like a billiard ball.

Mr. Brews Taphouse Now Open in Lubbock

Mr. Brews Taphouse Now Open in Lubbock

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