Ask some older friends what shows they went to back in the day. Their answer more often than not is going to be "every one."

The internet has allowed the trolls, whiners and complainers to try to separate us, but I'm personally having none of it. I've seen everybody from Dwight Yoakam to Slayer and a thousand more in between. I LOVE IT ALL.

The thing to keep in mind is for us to stick together because so many of these bands talk. Think about this. A Day to Remember is tight with Blink-182. What if one or the other had something good or bad to say to the other about Lubbock? I can tell you for a fact that this kind of thing happens. Rockers talk amongst themselves and a town does get a reputation as  "rocks" or "meh."

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I just don't understand those people who like to diss shows they don't like. How does a band that doesn't interest you coming to town hurt you? It makes no sense. We have lost more shows to basketball games and things like Elmo Live than we ever have to other rock shows, and no one complains about them.

Right now we have shows from Tesla, A Day to Remember, Max & Igor, 10 Years, Memphis May Fire, Weird Al Yankovic, and a few others on the books. We also have at least three more pretty big ones, including In This Moment's rescheduled FMX Birthday Bash, that we hope will confirm soon. The thing to remember is that someone out there thinks that Three Bad Jacks or Lorna Shore coming to Jake's Backroom is the pinnacle of their life. Let that person, and crowd, have that joy. It's all good.

P.S. Looks like we'll announce another show Tuesday.

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