I told you I was going to have fun this election cycle.

Image by Prashant Vishwakarma from PixabayImage by Prashant Vishwakarma from Pixabay
Image by Prashant Vishwakarma from Pixabay/Protect Lubbock

Vote/Or Don't

I have no intention of taking any stand whatsoever in this upcoming election. I'm positive no one is sitting around wanting to know who or what I'm voting for. This time around I'm just all about the entertainment value of Proposition A. I believe if people really voted their hearts and based on their own experiences, and not what someone else tells them to do, we'd have an earthshaking, national-attention getting movement right here in Lubbock, Texas.

Proposition A

Somehow a group of people got enough signatures to put a measure on the upcoming ballot to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. What they are asking for IS within the Texas penal code, so yes, this thing could be done. If nothing else, it sends a strong message that everyone wants to be represented in the Hub City.

Church Shenanigans

I don't think I'd have bothered with this topic at all, until I found out the opposition efforts were being headed up by some area churches and Project Destiny (the folks who brought you the Lubbock Sanctuary City stuff). I find it absolutely scary that there is a religious based group out there called "Project Destiny" that wants to legislate how you live your life.  You've probably heard of "the Dark Ages" and if so, you know why allowing people to preach politics from the pulpit is a tremendously bad idea. Like, a super-duper-ridiculously-bad idea.

The Trick

The problem is, that the real Protect Lubbock folk, somehow weren't able to keep the Pro-Proposition A people from starting a Facebook page of their own with very similar graphics. So, while you've probably seen the "Protect Lubbock" signs on a few yards, these "Protect Lubbock" graphics carry a very different message. We like to thank the Pro-Protect Lubbock folks for allowing us to use their graphics, you can find their Facebook page here.


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