Rooster had a good idea to have people battle it out for Adelitas Way tickets but can be challenging…Sorry nope not at all but putting that thing together was a struggle.

As Jessica (co-worker) and I were walking by the conference room we saw Rooster in there just struggling…We thought he had it all figured about. A few minutes later he comes into Jessica’s office and asked for her to put it together...A Women has got this taken care of!

They had to make sure it worked perfect so nobody would have an advantage over the other…This game was intense, but very funny!

I have to give credit to Jessica for winning the first match which I didn’t record because honestly I didn’t think Rooster would win, but Rooster won the last 2 times!

The Wrecking Yard will be live tonight at 6pm at The Red Zone Bar and Grill so if you think you have what it takes and really want Adelitas Way tickets then you’ll have to battle it out with Rooster!

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