No, you aren't going crazy. The official announcement was moved from Tuesday to Wednesday by the artist.

One question: Are you ready to rock?

We're as surprised as you are to be announcing a show that will take place in May (sorry, we're not going to be very heavy on details here).

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Let's just say that everyone knows the name and it's been a minute since we've had a visit so we are pumped. This show is an excellent way to get back rockin' in the 806.

You have to play nice if you want to go to this one. There will be seating pods and other restrictions on attendance. Speaking of restrictions on attendance, it's my belief that this show could have played to thousands, but due to safety concerns, only 600 tickets will be sold. That's it, just 600 people will see the first post-lockdown show of 2021.

Details are still being finalized on the seating arrangements. Yes, there will be seating because even though you've been at a pit at this artist/bands shows, they're doing this the safe way to show that life can carry on just a little bit while we mop up the last little bits of this terrible disease.

Myself, I'm two COVID-19 shots in and I'll jump on one leg for 90 minutes if that's what it takes to enjoy some live music. Add to that it's one of my favorites and I might just be willing to cut off a toe to see the show.

So are you excited? We know we are. We feel like these things can be done safely and that the promoter is taking the band management's recommendations seriously to make this happen.

Get ready for the announcement this week on 94.5 FMX.

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