Update: Five Below in Lubbock has reopened after a temporary closure due to a power outage. The outage affected the store on Friday, March 12th.

Original story: There's good news and bad news here.

The bad news is that just one week after its grand opening in Lubbock, Five Below was closed and the doors locked. According to a sign taped to the door, there was a power failure at the location that led to the doors being shut and the store closed most of the day on Friday, March 12th.

The good news is that it looks like the power will return shortly and Five Below will be restored to new working order, complete with that new store smell.

An LP&L worker at the store, located in the West End Center, told us he was working on the electrical outage and expected the lights to be on again soon.

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Before leaving, the lights inside the store all come back on, but then went off again.

I've checked out the Lubbock location and it is definitely worth the hype. Phone covers, chargers and accessories that are bargain prices? Yes, please. I even bought a pair of headphones to use for my gaming. Do they feel like they're worth $5? Yes, but they totally work and I could buy 10 more pairs of them before I bought another set that would outperform them in comfort or durability. The audio quality? I can hear my cohorts screaming how terrible I am for missing another shot and 12-year-old kids lambasting me for my K/D ratio just fine.

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