There is no show announcement in this blog. This is talk ABOUT a show and not the announcement itself.

Rock Show
Thinkstock (this is a generic pic, don't try to read anything into it).

We were scheduled to announce a show this past Monday. I produced a video about the announcement and rather than "hide" the video, I just didn't name the bands. Of course, it got spread around a bit. This really shouldn't have been a concern, but the announcement was delayed.

So I can tell you what's up to a small degree. We're calling it "The Spring Thing". For those of you wanting to see something new, something you haven't seen in Lubbock before, you got it!  This is the first time we've officially teamed up with our sister station for a show. The show kind of splits its appeal right between the FMX and KISS crowd for sure.

This will be a show at the Amp and we are expecting a capacity crowd at this one. The folks here in Lubbock just haven't had the opportunity to see this type of show in Lubbock before.  Even then, this show has a very specific appeal. More than enough people will freak out about it to make it a success, while some will just scratch their heads.  One thing is for sure, this is the type of show that usually never comes to Lubbock.

The "official" announce is on the 6th, but it could leak at any time before that. Stay tuned to FMX and 1025 KISS FM for all the details.

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