If you're not keeping score at home, you probably already know Scarah from back in the day.

Scarah is the horror host for Horror Web who used to be a deejay on 94.5 FMX. We gave her a little break, but hazed her and made her call herself "Toad" on the air.

Since then, Scarah has had a successful career in Austin, doing grown-up things until she was introduced to even more deviant friends of ours. This particular group of haunted house and horror enthusiasts encouraged her development into the character of Scarah.

Scarah is building a bit of a following due to her interviews, convention appearances, and bathtub horror movie reviews. All of this has now led to possibly the greatest horror-related band of all time: "The Immortals."

The band has just released a video for their first song, 'My Pet Werewolf.' Check out Scarah with a guest appearance from another Groovy Ghoulie you might know.

*Careful, there's some dirty bird words in here.

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