We're giving you the opportunity to be the first in line on opening night at Lubbock's Nightmare On 19th Street.

There's just something about opening night at Nightmare On 19th Street. The little ghouls have saved up scares for a year and they are ready to rock.

FMX's The RockShow and our sister station 1025kiss.com have a chance for a group of four (one winner + three friends) to be the very first people to kick off Nightmare On 19th Street's 13th year on Friday night, September 27, 2019.

As of this writing, we're 50 days out from revealing our all-new creation, "Krampus 3D: A Christmas Nightmare." (Think: The scary flip side of Christmas in 3D.)

We've also added to Blood Moon Manor, The Wastelands, Dead Doll Island and the park overall.

We hope to see you this September/October.

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