I love the opportunity to be sporty- when it's not 1000 degrees outside.

Unfortunately, it seems that the hot-hot weather is already here for the season in Lubbock. Just what we all wanted- Summer a whole month early (insert heavy sigh here).

And with very few options to cool off, what are Lubbockites supposed to do for fun and exercise, without getting heatstroke?


Lucky for us, Lubbock Indoor Pickleball (1001 S. Loop 289, Suite 110) opened in late April, so we could exercise without melting our internal organs. And since they've opened they've been improving and expanding their offerings, making a huge impact for Pickleball in Lubbock.

Lubbock Indoor Pickleball (LIP) offers a variety of options for you to try the sport, including open play, renting a court by the hour, becoming a monthly member, or even event/ tourney play.

Wow, this is really great, but what the heck is Pickleball?

Don't know what Pickleball even is? That's understandable, as the sport has just recently gained widespread popularity.

Pickleball was invented in 1965 in Washington state and is actually the official sport of Washington (Texas is rodeo, but I wouldn't recommend that sport to a beginner).

Pickleball is a lot like tennis, however, "pickleball has separate rules, paddles, and court dimensions," and, "the minimal amount of bounce, the non-volley zones, and the underhanded stroke with which all serves are made, give the game a dynamic pace."

Ready to play Pickleball? You can find out more about LIP on their website or by following them on their Facebook Page. And once you've figured out the rules, you can teach me.

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