Lightning is wild, y'all. We all walk around crossing our fingers; we never get struck by it, and most of us make it our entire life without a close encounter, but it happens every once in a while.

A Lubbock family recently came home to find their house had been struck by lightning. Here's what homeowner Leslie Leatherwood had to say about their experience:

"We left on Friday to go to Amarillo for a baseball tournament. I knew the weather had a chance of getting bad and followed it closely since I own a roofing company and was watching it build as we sat in the hotel that night. I had the cameras pulled up at my house to see what it was doing compared to what the radar was showing and at 10:53 pm all cameras stopped. I figured we had just lost power as we have in the past. We ended up waking up Saturday morning to find out Amarillo had so much rain that we couldn’t play after all, so we packed up and headed home. We got home at about 12 and came in to find what looked like an explosion in our living room. Initially, I thought it was just in that room but then we found an outlet in the hallway that was also burned. Somehow our house didn’t burn to the ground. It blew out my TV, pool vacuum and pump, kid's video gaming systems, 3 security cameras, and a few other things. Electricians were at my house all day yesterday getting us back to where we could be safe.  I climbed on our roof and found the entry point of the lighting. It is insane how one strike that fast can melt metal like butter."

Check out some photos of the aftermath:

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