This wasn't going to be our first experience with this band.

We were absolutely stoked to have Jinjer as part of our FMX Birthday Bash with In This Moment, then the Russians messed things up. We don't know all the details but the band had to cancel those dates while band members dealt with urgent things back in Ukraine.

Fortunately for us, J & B Productions realized the demand for this band in the Hub City and got them to circle back around to the Hub City. The band is fronted by Tatiana Shmayluk who has a deep scream that rises up like a demon from the bowels of hell. Let's also not forget that when she chooses to sing, she sings like an angel. If you're not familiar with the band, we've posted a video above for you to check 'em out. This show is expected to do really well, and you can purchase tickets here.

In the meantime, sign up to take the crew to the show.  FMX and J & B will hook the lucky winner up with four tickets. We'll draw a winner to the show on or about July 19th for the July 24th show.



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