I love that things like this are happening around here now.

Does anybody remember the Satanic Panic flyers that went around Lubbock schools? Yeah, pretty much anything your uptight auntie didn't like was the fault of SATAN!  Now imagine if those busy-body Karens could see what's up for sale at the Lubbock Oddities Market.

Some people just have a penchant for the spooky and different. They're not looking for Hummel Figurines, they want dragons and black cats and crystals oh my!  Here's a description of the event from the organizers:

An outdoor art market featuring a large array of local and small creatives sharing their handmade wares and artwork. Free to attend and pet friendly!

I must confess that I am very familiar with some of the artists, including Valhalla Bound and Witchbag. These are small creators who often put more into their products than they ever get out of them, but they enjoy the fellowship and community so much that they just keep going.

You'll find art, candles, purses, jewelry, and much more in this gathering. This is all stuff that makes your friends say, "Hey, where did you get that?" It's all very "gifty" too, so if you have an occasion coming up you'll find some very neat stuff available.

You can find The Oddities Market this Saturday evening from 5-10 at 408 Avenue J.  This is a highly curated market to celebrate Summerween. With a projected high of 85 degrees, it should be a beautiful night to take in a little outdoor shopping.

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