Is there anything cuter than a pic with your pet and Santa?

One of my favorite places on the planet, The Haven, will be doing "Pictures With Santa Paws" on December 5th.

It's important when you do this kind of thing that you are dealing with an organization and a Santa that knows how to handle pets. I put my trust in The Haven to have all of this locked down. They run a wonderful animal sanctuary and I'm confident that they are completely on top of things.

The event will take place from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon at The Haven, at 4501 North FM 1729 (still in Lubbock).  The donation is $10 for a 4"x6" photo by professional photographer Tiff Holmes. I say, "donation" because the proceeds do benefit The Haven.

The Haven not only has your garden variety adoptable dogs and kitties, but they also have senior and disabled animals that have little hope of ever being rehomed. It truly is a wonderful place with a wonderful mission and we should support them whenever possible.

Now, this is just a little unsolicited recommendation on my part. Maybe, just maybe you should walk your pet around and see if you can't match them up with a little buddy while you're there? Pets are often best in pairs if you can find a couple who like each other. They can entertain each other during those times when you are personally short on time. As I said, it's just a suggestion.


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