Online reports are wrong.

You may think it's odd to make the statement that "Ghost Is Not Playing Lubbock In February" because, well, tens of thousands of bands are not playing Lubbock in February.

Led Zeppelin will not be here in February. Nirvana will not be here in February. The Foo Fighters will not be here in February.

The reason for this statement is because of an obvious typo on the Pollstar page. The typo lists a Ghost/Volbeat/Twin Temple show on February 26th at the Fairpark Coliseum and the same show in Dallas on that date in their Fairpark Coliseum .

Let's go into some other reasons why that show isn't a reality for us. First, there's a lack of a venue for the band to play at in February. Ghost likes to play indoors and specifically in theaters, and I'm not sure if they're the kind of band they want at the Buddy Holly Center. (We shot ourselves in the foot tearing down the auditorium and coliseum, but you already knew that, didn't you?)

Next up, promoters would look at the fact that co-headliners Volbeat, along with openers Twin Temple, were already here. That would be seen as taking away a big part of ticket sales. You can also plainly see that we are not listed on the tour dates on the band's official website. Lastly, if Ghost were coming, we would have been teasing you about it weeks ago.

Below is the graphic of the errant announcement. It should also be noted that all shows have a ticket link...except for the Lubbock one. Sorry, no Ghost at this time, but we can pray to Papa that they'll circle back around the U.S. and come see us.


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