Well here's a post that will make EVERYONE mad.

I think police should be given a raise, but that money should come from the budget to buy all the military stuff they have these days. Hold on before you run to Facebook to comment.

I like the idea of police making more money. Not only is it a hard job, but I think the more money they make they less likely they're going to do something to jeopardize it. Not only will it help with retention, but higher salaries should also attract higher-caliber candidates. The entire process could be upgraded, but, the job will get a tiny bit more dangerous.

This brings me to the second part of the argument. I'm not a big fan of the riot gear guys. I think that riot gear is quite often (not always) responsible for riots. Now, slow your roll and think about this: are you more likely to push up a policeman's shield, or against the actual human that is the policeman?  I think the military equipment puts it in the protestor's mind that "hey I can push this guy and I'm not really hurting anyone" and then things escalate from there. I would also like to point out that I'm not referring to safety equipment such as kevlar vests, etc.

I know far too many cops that are just plain good guys. I know they don't wake up in the morning wanting to fight with anyone over anything, they just want to protect and serve. I don't like putting them in a war-like stance against other people in the community. When things have deteriorated to the point when helmets and shields have to be worn, then we should bring in the National Guard

I may be wrong, but then again, police had to tear-gas rowdy college students celebrating a Texas Tech victory so maybe we can hold onto the gas masks just in case.

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