I don't expect I'll convince anybody who is not wearing a mask to wear one at this point.

This is really about encouraging those of you who are fighting the good fight. The fact of the matter is that most people who wear masks do it for their own health and as a kindness to others. This tells me that you'd also probably fall on the side of not being rude to other people as well. This is where you may have a little bit of a problem.

I visited the big orange box store this Sunday morning at eight. The employees have really, seriously stepped up their game. I think I saw one "under-noser" but they all seemed in compliance and were taking proper precautions. The store also had a supply of disposable masks by the front door.

The problem is the customers and it's the same type. Let's start out by saying that initially the day laborer types, guys who work in construction, cement work, and roofing were low on compliance. They have since changed their tune and are masked up. So who's the problem? I don't even need to tell you. You know exactly the type of guy that isn't wearing a mask and each one of these guys seems to have stubbed his toe on the way out of bed in the morning. What's weird though, is about half the time these guys are with a woman, who IS masked up. That makes no sense at all because if she's protected in the store, she's sure as hell going to get it from you when you get home.

Let's get to the point though. You cannot reach these people. YOU have to take your health into your own hands. You do not need to say anything to these guys, you do not need to give them dirty looks, you just need to give them a "bubble" and move on. If you see someone unmasked, walk to another aisle. If there are too many in a store, walk out. You, for the sake of your own health, have to treat these people like lepers.

We can keep our local business in business. We can save our elders (and some people who aren't that old). I need you, the ROCKERS of West Texas, to step up and protect yourself so we can get through this.

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