I love Goatwhore for multiple reasons. First, it's really fun to say "Goatwhore" on the radio and type it into a blog. But more importantly, it's really fun death/black metal to see live. I saw Goatwhore for the first time here in Lubbock over 10 years ago.

My favorite description of their sound is lifted out of the YouTube comments for the video, "Apocalyptic Havoc."

If Motorhead had Sex with Slayer and had a child and then left it in a room for ten years with nothing but Black Metal albums to entertain itself.

And also:

This song is so metal it made my cat eat my other cat

Goatwhore is performing at Jake's Backroom (5025 50th Street) on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019. Tickets are available through Stubwire, or at the door.

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