Timothy "Teejay" Bailey was killed Tuesday evening at a popular local bar.

Before I even knew what I was watching Wednesday morning, I saw Teejay Bailey senselessly killed. I wish I could go back and never see that again. In fact, Teejay's family has asked for that video to not be shared anymore out of respect.

Teejay was shot three times after a scuffle spilled outside of Chips Sports Bar. The fight didn't even look that serious. I guess we don't know what happened before the video, but the escalation was absolutely inexcusable. Now, Teejay is gone and many friends and families have had their lives changed forever.

There's a GoFundMe page that you can donate to if this story has touched your heart. As of the publication of this story, it's raised $1,800 of its $8,000 goal. From the page:

We trying to raise funds to help a great friend brother father son and what ever title he may have upheld to relieve his family from the stress and support that may come of his loss if you know him or know of him and have enough respect and love please feel free to help out as you feel is respected ty for your support from his family in memory teejay live on and live long.

Family and friends are also putting a little elbow grease into action with a car wash Saturday and Sunday (April 10th and 11th) at Copper Caboose. There will also be food available. There's also an additional benefit in the works for next week at the Koko Club. Funds raised will be used for funeral expenses and the children that Teejay left behind.

We have all been given the gift of surviving a pandemic and it's time we held life a little more dear in honor of all of the people we've lost. Nothing is worth killing or losing a life over. Brush these things off and realize that it's better to live another day with your loved ones than to settle a silly bar dispute. If you see a situation getting out of hand, just leave and live to fight or not fight another day. There's just too much at stake.

Let's have some peace in honor of Timothy "Teejay" Bailey.

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