Governor Greg Abbott's response to the recent mass shootings in Texas is a lot more 'huh?' than 'hooray!'

We are dealing with tragedy in Texas. These mass shootings have come home, and it's time to find a little middle ground, at least for discussion, on what should be done. Governor Abbott's response left me wondering if he actually thinks before he speaks.

The governor has offered up two ideas: No. 1: that we need to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals; and no. 2: we need to expedite the execution of mass killers.

Okay, well, in the El Paso mass shooting, the killer bought the guns legally, and in the Midland-Odessa mass shooting, the suspect was killed on the spot.

This makes both ideas a little half-baked, but I'm game. At this point, I think baby steps are what needs to be taken to both protect the public and protect the rights of gun owners. It just seems to me that these two ideas have a little more to do with political posturing. A criminal with a gun is a criminal with a gun, and it doesn't seem like you need anything else to arrest them. Meanwhile, you can execute someone faster than shooting them dead on the scene.

I would hope that Governor Abbott would be a little more innovative in his approach to this problem, maybe working with the feds in monitoring online chatter or strengthening background checks. Instead, we get "safe" answers that really make little sense.

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