You know that thing we have called radioPup?  It's that little app that allows you to hear our radio stations across the country. Well, most of the ginormous radio stations (you know that ones that lay people off everyday and have this corporate sterilized playlists) have iHeartRadio.  Well, to promote their musical equivalent of white paint the put on a radio show. It is indeed a big show, and a lot of HUGE artists play it to A: endear themselves to corporate radio bungholes, or B: because they are afraid of being 'punished" (lack of airplay) from the same types. I think somewhere along the line Green Day had a change of heart when it comes to playing this festival.


Evidently Green Day's set was cut down to 25 minutes (allegedly to make room for Usher). It seems to me you would want a superhot, superhuge band like Green Day to play as long as they could, but apparently this wasn't the case. All was going well until Billie Joe Armstrong saw a teleprompter warning that the band only had one minute left. At that point, the "Dookie" hit the fan (literally, as they were playing a song from Dookie when he got mad).

I'm going to show you the video in a moment, but first, where some of this is causing confusion and concern is, that Green Day are obviously laughing the incident off on their Facebook page by saying that "Billie Joe is being treated for substance abuse" and some fans and entertainment reporters actually believe it.  The fact is, he got screwed over, he called the big dogs on it, and everybody is waiting to see if there is going to be any fallout from this incident (certainly not on FMX).

So here's the video (tons of F-Bombs):


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